A Plus Supertech Home Theatre specializes in providing the ultimate home automation and home entertainment experience. Our motto is “Ultimate Service with Ultimate Integrity”.

We carry a complete line of world-class equipment and custom engineer the right system for your home without some cookie cutter kit. We believe that each customer is unique and different needs apply for each one. We are ready to come look at your home and design a special blue print that suits your needs alone. Give us a call today!


Our professional staff is more than capable to handle any type of audio/video installation. From design, to wiring, calibration, positioning and mounting. We have successfully performed numerous professional installations, from home theater to complete home automation .


Our product lines includes a variety of mid to high-end audio video systems that have been carefully selected by our home entertainment experts based on performance and years of experience. Our product lines includes name brands as well as emerging technologies.


From consulting to design, installation and maintenance. A Plus Supertech professional AV staff complete line of first class services, goes hand in hand with the high end brands we carry to offer the best in home entertainment.